VMworld 2015: VMware Validated Designs for the SDDC #SDDC5440

The VMware Validated Designs (V2D) session was much like a preface to a book, the book being VMware’s new compilations of proven designs. It lacked a specific design-implementation example (i.e. with HP hardware + Cisco networking + Foundation design), which would have helped, but I’d say that Simran and Mike were still successful.

I should have anticipated it, but all of the designs assume VSAN as the primary storage. They leave the obvious potential for external storage, but that appears to fall outside the scope of any V2Ds. I understand the complication that would come from trying to incorporate non-VMware components, but I also hope that the V2D program grows to encompass partner-assisted V2Ds, particularly on storage, but also on physical networking.

If VSAN is in your potential wheelhouse, check out the customer-facing VMware Validated Designs.

Live Notes & Commentary

Per Simran, The key takeaway from the session should be that VMware listens to its customers–to us.

Building a data center is complex, not unlike a home with many rooms

Multiple components with multiple documentation references

Every data center comes out different

  • Every deployment becomes a snowflake…beautiful, but…unique, unrepeatable, fragile

VMware Validated Designs are one of the prescriptive approaches to SDDC

  • Build Your Own (focus in this session)
  • Converged Infrastructure Systems (CI)

These designs are a blueprint but also operational flows for upgrades, etc

  • Created and validated by VMware experts
  • Encompass the entire set of VMware’s SDDC products
  • Standardized & streamlined design for each deployment scenario w/ broad use cases

How are the designs different?

  • Designed by experts, used by customers
  • Continuously validated: every new component build is run through the automated test bed
  • Comprehensive design: include everything needed for a fully functional SDDC

VMware Validated Designs: Get Your SDDC!

  • Accelerate time to value
  • Gain confidence in your SDDC
  • System level design

What’s in a V2D?

  • Solution overview
  • Design objectives
  • Reference architecture docs & blueprints
  • Final design specs, including specific products & versions
  • Hardware prerequisites & preparatory procedures
  • Implementation guides
  • Operations documentation

How to Access (three versions)

  • Customer facing documentation (customers: vmware.com/go/v2d)
  • Service delivery kits (VMware Professional Services)
  • Certified partner architectures (VMware Partners)

Sign up in the early access community via the customer facing link above for access to the latest version and regular updates.

Designs: Foundation | Single Region | Dual Region | QE | Dev

Pods: Management | Edge | Compute

VMworld 2015 | Tuesday | VMware Validated Designs — A Reference Architecture for the SDDC (SDDC5440)

Mike Brown, VMware | Simran Singh, VMware

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