The Fire Returned! VMworld 2015 Tuesday General Session #GS-TUE

IMG_4424I am so excited to launch this post and give two enthusiastic thumbs up to VMware on the second general session! They brought the fire with the speakers, the concrete concepts & tech, and the Pat Gelsinger finale. Way to go, VMware!

Truly, from the depths, thank you to Sanjay, Martin, and Pat for bringing the message back to the center. The core of VMware’s passion and strategy shined brightly this morning. While Horizon has come short of inspiring me in past VMworld events, the expanding device and OS support makes it finally something I can see becoming a realistic value-add in my organization. Add to that AppVolumes and NSX underpinning it all, and you have a winning presentation.

CEO Pat Gelsinger to the session and overall event out to the 30,000 foot view–or rather, the stratosphere–without becoming vague, salesy, or irrelevant. Pat laid out our history and foundation of IT and the internet, beginning in 1995, and then cast vision forward to today and beyond. His five imperatives hit the heart of business with technical excellence as only a visionary can do.

Hit up the notes below and catch the video when you can. This is what VMworld is all about.

Live Notes & Commentary


Sanjay Poonen, EVP & GM EUC

Ref: The Economist: “Planet of the phones”

Consumer Simplicity <—> Enterprise Security

VMware Workspace Suite (announced at VMworld 2014)

  • Desktop – Mobile – Content Collaboration
  • Announced this year: Identity Management

Big picture of VMware’s 300 products in one slide:

  • SDDC / Management & Automation / Core: Virtualized Infrastructure (compute, storage, network)
  • EUC / Software-Defined Workspace: Desktop, Mobile, Content Collaboration

Desktop: Horizon – IDC Leader in EUC

  • Mobile: AirWatch – Lack of mobile strategy *ends* user computing
  • Identity: Workspace Portal

AirWatch demo video of Home Depot, Southern New Hampshire University, and Delta

## Transition ##

IMG_4422Brief integration/partnership spotlight with Jim Alkove, Microsoft Corporate VP, Windows Enterprise & Security

  • Windows 10: Settings > Accounts > Work Access

Back to Sanjay:

AirWatch: Compliance & Inventory

AirWatch imports & converts SCCM apps to AppVolumes

Tech Preview: Project A(2): AirWatch + AppVolumes

  • Brings app virtualization to physical desktops

Unified App Deployment: Samsung, iPad, Windows 10

  • Including legacy apps

Security with NSX

  • AirWatch Tunnel + NSX security policies

## Transition ##


Martin Casado, SVP & GM Networking/Security

  • Challenge 1: Provisioning & Configuration
  • Challenge 2: Troubleshooting
  • Challenge 3: Security

NSX customer demo video: Tribune Media

NSX: view as network hypervisor, deployed non-disruptively

IMG_4423NSX 6.2 features


  • Security
  • Automation
  • Application Continuity

Customer demo video: Global Speech Networks

Tom Corn, SVP Security

The New Security Challenge: Running Trusted Services, Even on Untrusted Infrastructure

Solving Network Encryption with Point Products

  • Difficult to troubleshoot and even to apply other security products & services

Distributed Network Encryption

  • Protect the confidentiality & integrity of the data flowing through the network
  • Happens at the vNIC

Data-At-Rest Encryption

The app has evolved into a network | infrastructure has evolved into a software platform

## Transition ##

Five Imperatives for Digital Business

Pat Gelsinger, CEO



  • Online population: 16 million
  • Global population: 5.7 billion


  • Online population: 3.1 billion
  • Global population: 7.3 billion

Projected Q3 2019: Half The Population Connected

Mobile share of web traffic: 33% global average

  • Emerging web, though, has very high mobility (ex. Nigeria at 78%)

Connected devices per person

  • 1995: 0.1
  • 2015: 2.9
  • 2019 (?): 5.9

App industry

  • iOS app revenue alone nearly doubles film industry revenues

IT in the Stratosphere: 7,200 devices in orbit and beyond, most for communication

IT in your Bloodstream: diagnosis and treatment

Internet Economy: $8 trillion, 21% of global GDP growth

5 Imperatives for Digital Business

#1: Asymmetry in business

Historical examples of (a)symmetry:

  • Symmetry: Britain vs France
  • Asymmetry: Britain vs America

Incumbents have everything to lose | Upstarts have nothing to lose

Mobile-cloud technology creates the platform for challenging the status quo

Business example: Progressive (insurance)

  • Future of the car: from individual ownership to shared, autonomous vehicles
  • Increase in utilization: 4% to 75%
  • Shift in cost: CapEx to OpEx
  • Drop in # of cars: 70%
  • Drop in accidents: 5.5M to 1.3M
  • Who will own the future of the automotive & transportation industry?

The Ripple Effect:

  • Car insurance industry: $200B in US
  • Real estate values: suburbs to exburbs
  • Truck route & hospitality industry

Imperative 1: “Innovate like a start up, Deliver like an enterprise.”

#2: Professional Era of the Cloud

Experimental era —> Professional era: Unified Hybrid Cloud

Ex. IHG: “It’s no longer the big beating the small. It’s the fast beating the slow.” — Eric Pearson (CIO, IHG)

Building to the span: Hybrid Applications

Post Snowden: Accelerated Demand for Home-Grown Clouds

  • Insist on controlled governance of cloud (i.e. in own country, organization, etc)

VMware’s Journey to Open:

  • VMware Integrated OpenStack
  • Open Source Photon Platform
  • Multi-Device Identity
  • Windows 10 Support
  • vSphere Integrated Containers

Message to clouds: Can’t we all just get along?

Imperative 2: Unified Hybrid Cloud Is The Future

#3: Protecting People, Apps and Data

Core Challenge with Security

Architecture for Security: Virtualization serves as the Rosetta Stone

  • Allows alignment
  • Allows ubiquity

Security should be “Built In” vs “Bolted On”

  • It was always patched in because it didn’t have a place to be built in

For the first time ever, security is architected in

  • Allows twice as secure at half the cost

Would you like security with that?

Imperative 3: A Renaissance In Security Has Begun. Carpe Diem.

#4: Next Wave in Innovation: Proactive Technology

Artificial Intelligence has had a 30-Year gestation

IT has moved from Reactive to Proactive

The Bad vs. The Good in Proactive Technology

  • Today: Creepy vs. Convenient

Under The Hood: Building Blocks of Proactive Technology

  • Big Data <—> Analytics <—> Apps
  • Internet of Things, Cloud, Software-Defined

“Hello, I am C-3PO, human cyborg relations. How might I serve you?”

Imperative 4: Automate Everything. Predict (Almost) Anything.

Imperative 5: Taking Risks = Lowest Risk

Welcome to the age of rattling the cage

  • As a tech expert, this is your time to lead
  • Be the entrepreneur and innovator in business
  • VMware’s commitment is to be your partner

VMworld 2015 | Tuesday | General Session (GS-TUE)

Sanjay Poonen, EVP & GM EUC | Martin Casado, SVP & GM Networking/Security | Pat Gelsinger, CEO

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