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Closing the Cloud Skills Gap: Scott Lowe (@scott_lowe, blog.scottlowe.org)


  • 50% of business w/ cloud as high priority
  • Insufficient candidates to fill openings
  • Cloud brings new set of skills unneeded in past (Curtis Robinson, IDC)

NIST Definition of Cloud Computing

  • On-demand self-service <– if you are doing something¬†to¬†allocate service, you aren’t doing cloud
  • Resource pooling <– if no network virtualization, you aren’t doing cloud
  • Rapid elasticity <– scale up AND scale down, often harder on the latter
  • Measured service <– assess what’s being used
  • Broad network access <– ubiquitous, access anywhere

Top Five Job Skills Needed (ranked by importance, from IDC whitepaper)

  1. Risk management
  2. IT service management
  3. Project/program management
  4. Business-IT alignment
  5. Technical skills in cloud implementation <– note that this (tech) is last

Technology Virtualization