Starting A New Chapter

After nearly 10 years of pushing the bleeding edge of infrastructure at ExponentHR, I am turning a new page in the career playbook. On January 18th, I begin my new journey through the vendor landscape as a Field Engineer at Rubrik.

ExponentHR_logo_paddedrubrikIt’s a bittersweet change, as I transition from a decade of great memories and an amazing team at Exponent. Misha Vyazmensky, CTO, manager, and friend, led our group through an incredible era of technological changes, always open to new ideas and ready to push the limits of “why not?” Over the years, we explored so many products and ideas “for sports interest,” and through his leadership, created the sleek platform that runs ExponentHR today.

Brent Carlson, colleague, friend, and Microsoft Jedi, never met a product or feature he couldn’t master (or debug to help Microsoft polish and improve it). Now he’s rocking the PowerShell realm and creating tools to make an already fine-tuned machine even more efficient. If I ever end up managing a Microsoft environment again, I’m coming for you, Brent!

And latest to the infrastructure team and my replacement, Josh Barfield brings a fresh engineering perspective on all that I’ve taken for granted after so many years. To borrow from Mark Watney in The Martian, he’s going to “science the [crap] out of this”. I’ve been blessed to have two months of overlap training him (not to mention 21 years of friendship–Josh lives out the definition of that word).

I’m excited about the road ahead. Rubrik is a fantastic company that I’ve witnessed from the outside as a customer for 10 months and now get to go behind the curtain and contribute to the momentum. These guys created a product that turned a nearly-inked competitor’s renewal on its head with a 15-minute demo (see the video below for more). I can’t wait to get inside and revolutionize the IT world with these folks. Time to “Make IT Beautiful”!

Nothing thrills me more than serving and making a difference in the world around me. In a few days, I’ll set off wherever the road leads, seeking that for each customer and colleague I meet. Let’s get to it!


  1. Travis Limbocker said:

    Couldn’t be more excited to have you part of the family Chris! Welcome to the revolution. Strap yourself in, this baby is about to explode.

    January 14, 2016
  2. Joe Gutowski said:

    Congratulations Chris! I look forward to working with you to tell your Pure Storage + Rubrik transformational story from ExponentHR to many more!!

    January 27, 2016

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