Instantly Recover with Rubrik

Earlier today I was beating my head, trying to get Java Runtime Environment working with both Cisco ASDM and EMC XtremIO. The ASDM was working great, but every time I’d try to launch XtremIO’s client (XMS), Java wouldn’t run it. So I tweaked it. And broke Java.

My wise colleague had suggested a vSphere snapshot before I changed too much, so I rolled back to it. I’d already jacked Java too much and it was broken then, too.

Next up: Rubrik!


I did a quick search for the VM in question (the above shot is post-recovery after it was renamed by Rubrik). Then I drilled into today on the calendar and found the most recent snapshot was 5:02am (safely before I tinkered too much :). Other VMs would have several snapshots from today, but this is just an IT utility server so I only grab it once a day (“Bronze”).

From the menu, I selected “Instantly Recover” and confirmed the original host for the recovery target. Rubrik did the rest in about 2 minutes (including Windows boot).

  • Shutdown the original VM
  • Renamed the original to “Deprecated <original_name> <UTC_timestamp_of_shutdown>”
  • Mounted the snapshot from 5:02am via NFS with the original name
  • Powered on the mounted VM

My remote desktop (RDP) session to the old server blipped for moment and then reconnected to the newly mounted snapshot and waited for re-authentication.

Once I validated that the new snapshot was solid and right to replace the original (hosed) VM, I deleted the “Deprecated…” VM and used storage vMotion to move the recovery VM to the original SAN location.

The remaining steps were:

  • Adding the newly recovered VM to Rubrik protection
  • Removing the original “Deprecated” VM from Rubrik protection

That’s all. It was the simplest, quickest restore event ever.


  1. Tyson said:

    Thanks Chris! What’s the performance like using storage vMotion to move the VM into your production storage?

    July 28, 2015
    • Chris said:

      svMotion took 28 minutes to migrate the 50GB thick-eager VM, so no land-speed records, but more than acceptable since it was fully operational while it was moving.

      July 28, 2015

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