How To Fix Infrastructure Navigator Error: “An unknown VM access error has occurred.”

While deploying vRealize (formerly, vCenter) Infrastructure Navigator (VIN) yesterday, I ran into an access error that wasn’t at all pleasant.

Access failed. An unknown VM access error has occurred.

I had deployed the virtual appliance per the 5.8.4 documentation on, and had specifically created a Virtual Machine Access role as defined. I set it in Global Permissions for all children and verified that it propagated to the VMs that reported this error (all of them).

Searching VMware KBs and Google for a resolution proved mostly fruitless. I finally came across Scott Norris’s post about resetting the VIN database, which gave me the nugget to resolve my issue. As I look at it now, I’m not quite sure why his pointed me to the answer, but it was the only one out there with exactly the same error–all others were about “discovery errors”. If what I provide below doesn’t solve your issue, check out Scott’s “reboot” option for a more comprehensive refresh.

So what was the problem/answer? DNS.

When I deployed the OVA and reached the field for comma-separated DNS servers, I listed mine–all four of them–like this:,,, I’m quickly learning that four is not a friendly quantity in OVAs or Linux things in general. In the vein of The Matrix, those who write into /etc/hosts seem to like Trinity, or three, as a max. Send it four resulted in none committing.

Fixing it came through these steps:

1. Open the console to the VIN virtual appliance

2. Hit Enter on “Login” to reach the CLI/login prompt

3. Login as “root”

4. Run “yast”

5. Arrow down to “Network Devices”, tab over to “Network Settings” (on the right), and hit Enter


6. On the “Network Settings” screen, hit Tab and arrow right once to reach “Hostname/DNS”

Most likely, your hostname/domain say something like “localhost” and “localdomain” with empty Name Server fields

7. Set the hostname, domain name, name servers, and search domains, and Tab/Enter on OK (example below)


8. Finish/exit YaST and reboot for good measure

9. Give VIN some time (up to an hour or so); then begin checking your VMs

Your VM Infrastructure Navigator widgets should start to look like this:

VIN’s discovery of itself

‘Hope it helps. Others with more Linux savvy can probably configure their hosts file themselves, but I appreciated the UI, and now it works.

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