Happy Birthday, Rubrik!

Four years ago today, an amazing company was born at the hands of four incredible co-founders who still lead our rocket ship today. I am pleased and honored to have worked with this incredible team for 34 of its 48 months, beginning as a customer on the day of its emergence from stealth, March 24, 2015, and transitioning to a team member ten months later in January of 2016.

The nostalgia is manifest in so many ways…

  • Going into production with 0.4 code (it was already revolutionary pre-1.0/GA)
  • Working with Engineering directly because “Rubrik Support” was yet to exist (now it spans the globe and is a deal-maker for many customers)
  • Remembering my original account team is now the VP of Sales for North America and Global Field CTO
  • Dipping my own toe in the cloud for the first time in 2015 thanks to Rubrik (archiving to AWS S3)
  • And now watching the past two years fly by as the company has grown from less than 100 to now more than 800…
  • Oh, and let’s not forget some of the most amazing customers & their IT/cloud/automation teams!

Looking forward, the vision and plans for 2018 alone make me want to re-join the customer side just so I can deploy and use the capabilities we already and soon will have. Seeing the data stream in, replicate out, and instantly mount never gets old.

Happy birthday, Rubrik. Here’s to a cloud-bursting year ahead!

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