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Two weeks ago I transitioned from a “Field Engineer” role at Rubrik to that of a “Sales Engineer” (sometimes called “Systems Engineer”). I had been double-dipping in the positions for a while, but finally made the cut once we hired two dedicated sales professionals here in the Dallas area. It’s been pleasantly delightful devoting my time now to this sales-centric realm, for two reasons.

First but least important, being less fragmented and more narrowly focused has some positive effects on the psyche. The business priority for my position is to meet and exceed sales targets. Various things previously would pop up and divert a given day or week, which was neat from a save-the-day point of view, but naturally had a way of tapping energy reserves frequently. Those things now take second string to my local customers.

“Customers.” What are those? They are my second but most important enjoyment in this new role. In Salesforce, “customers” represent entities who have paid for our product, in contrast to “prospects” that are still being wooed over. To me, though, a “customer” is anyone who gives us the time of day to present a solution that I firmly believe will make their lives easier and better. I sincerely enjoy learning about their IT setups, sympathizing with pain points that I oftentimes have personal history with (Exchange roll-up patches, anyone?), and working together on ways to alleviate many of them.

But what if they don’t buy anything? They might make that decision for many reasons (timing and money lead the way–as they do in so much of life), but that doesn’t lessen my desire to help them. Every one of these customers is a sysadmin, datacenter architect, or IT director who has the same struggles we all fight with limited resources, challenging people, and competing priorities–both professional and personal.

So it’s fun meeting and serving my customers, hoping I get to continue and build out the relationships while sharing in their win stories through awesome technology.

Right now, I have the pleasure of working with a law firm with a progressive sysadmin and some hilarious Exchange Jedi’s who I think we’ll be able to majorly help, especially with dry runs of those horrendous roll-up patches (I <3 live mounts). Then there’s an MSP where a few briks of Rubrik can liberate a ton of costly primary storage–how cool is that?! That’s just last week–who will I get to meet this week?


  1. Devin Derrickson said:

    Doing a quick Google search of “Rubrik Field Engineer” and found this.

    Can you tell me more on your experience as an FE?


    August 29, 2017
    • Chris said:

      Hey Devin,

      I’d love to share my (excellent) experience as a Rubrik FE. Feel free to ping me on LinkedIn and we can discuss further.

      Thanks! ~Chris

      September 2, 2017

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