DFWVMUG User Conference: VMworld

VMworld Summary:

  • Need to prioritize delivery of applications to the users
  • Break down the rigidity of infrastructure to become adaptable
  • Success comes through being thoughtful, decisive, and bold

Today’s Silos:

  • Traditional vs cloud
  • IT vs Dev
  • On-premise vs Off-premise
  • Safe/secure/compliant vs instant/elastic/self-service
  • Own assets vs leverage others’ assets (example: Uber)


  • SDDC
    • Virtualize everything you can
    • Compute: vSphere
    • Network: NSX
    • Storage: VSAN & vVol
    • Mgmt: vRealize
  • Hybrid-cloud
  • EUC

Software-Defined Data Center:

  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI)
    • Build-Your-Own –> Converged –> Hyper-Converged
    • Blessed configuration that isn’t all out-board components
    • Solution: EVO:RAIL
      • 2U/4-node from qualified partners
      • Scales to 4 HCIAs for gen-purpose (100 VMs) and VDI (250 VMs)
      • Compute + Network + Storage
      • Linear scale-out — add another box
    • Larger deployments: EVO:RACK (RAIL expounded into a full rack w/ TOR switch)
  • OpenStack Integration
    • VMware distribution of OpenStack
    • Unified, single-vendor support
  • Containers without Compromise
    • Not new, just under different names: Solaris Zones, FreeBSD Jails, OpenVZ
    • Benefits: Process isolation, reproducible environment, management at scale
    • Solution: Docker
  • vCloud Suite 5.8
  • vSphere Essentials –> vSphere Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO)
    • Changed licensing from CPU to VM
    • No vCenter included
  • vSphere 6 (Beta)
    • 4-CPU SMP Fault Tolerance
    • Applications Mobility
    • Cross vCenter vMotion
    • Long Distance vMotion
  • Software-Defined Storage
    • Extending VSAN to vVOL
    • Policy-based storage
    • Communication happens between vCenter and SAN
  • vCloud Suite –> vRealize Suite
    • ITBM Standard
    • vCloud Automation Center Adv/Ent
    • vCenter Ops Adv/Ent
  • NSX
    • Micro-segmentation
      • Allows what before was prohibitively expensive (firewalling workloads)
      • Policy-based

vCloud Air (formerly vCloud Hybrid Service)

  • Virtual Private Cloud On Demand (Beta)
    • Sign-up: vmware.com/go/ondemand
    • Dedicated Cloud
    • Virtual Private Cloud
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Upcoming Services: DBaas (MySQL, MSSQL), Object Storage (based on EMC ViPR), Mobility (Airwatch), Cloud Mgmt (vCAC)

End-User Computing (EUC)

  • Airwatch: mobility
  • CloudVolumes acquisition: managed application containers
  • Horizon Workspace Suite: Horizon, Airwatch, Virtual Portal
  • Partnership with VMware, Google, and nVIDIA

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