A Clear Mind for VMworld 2015

Conferences are opportunities to step away from the trenches and daily grind of the office and into a temporal new world of ideas, strangers and often stranger concepts, and considerations of what might be possible. In this space, I can be tempted to try to push products and technologies into the box that is my environment or organization, and you might be inclined to do the same. That would be a woefully limiting and deflating mistake.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 9.07.46 AMThis year, the slogan for VMworld is “Ready For Any”. It seems incomplete and perhaps it is. That’s why 20,000 IT professionals and business leaders are here. To finish the statement. To answer the questions: Any what? Any where? Any who? Any when? And frankly, Any why? The reason doesn’t matter. VMware wants to be ready for it.

For those of us here, that’s the goal, too. We are adding tools to our minds (and snazzy new backpacks) to be better prepared for the eventualities of tomorrow. Our organizations will change. So will our roles, and our careers, and even our passions. To adapt, we have to flex. To flex, we have to be pliable. To be pliable, we have to be open to new ideas.

So this week at VMworld 2015, take a moment. Sit or stand somewhere with a view. Breathe deeply, push out the noise, drop the circumstantial parameters of last week and next week. Embrace some cliche mantras. Be here now. Go to a session outside your direct role. Learn something new, because often times we don’t know what we don’t know.

Smile. Choose events that connect you with new people. Make the most of today and don’t worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow has enough trouble of its own.

Welcome to VMworld!

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