Three Hearts & Honduras

3hh-wsIt brings us great joy to see Will and Sarah embark on this wonderful journey of adoption, and as their friends, we want to help and encourage them along the way. As you and we know, asking for help of any form can be very humbling and often a bit awkward, particularly with finances. Thus, we’ve asked our dear friends to let us write a few words and advocate on their behalf.

For years, Will and Sarah have been dreaming and working towards this end of bringing a child into their home–to be parents. We’ve watched them prepare and yearn and hope. Now they have stepped out and it’s our turn as those who know and love them to cheer and pave parts of the way.

We can get behind them several ways. First, spread the word. Tell your friends about Will and Sarah’s heart for adopting and let them know they, too, can help. Use your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc) to share a link to

Second, give financially. This is that awkward ask, so let’s make it easy. You can donate online using the PayPal or by choosing to sponsor a specific part of their journey through their GotchaGiftRegistry Wishlist. For checks and tax deductions, visit their donate page for options.

Third, pray. Our God loved and adopted us first, and He loves to see His children walk in His ways. And He is abundantly able to provide more than any of us can ask or imagine.

Thank you for helping Will & Sarah on this journey. May the Lord bless them and you.

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