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It’s been far too long since I’ve posted content of significant substance, but it isn’t for lack of experiences. At a week out from 6 months on the vendor side and start-up life, in particular, I’ve discovered that there’s much more behind the veil than the email correspondence and meetings I saw from the customer side.

Before I started at Rubrik, I naively thought to myself, “How will a bunch of emails and customer meetings & installs fill up 40 hours each week?” Ha! Those are the easy parts, the toppings of a cake that requires a flurry of internal baking and development of all sorts.

rubrikPart of what I enjoyed as a customer was being able to influence products and hopefully encourage them to deepen in value and utility. Since customers are “unbiased” and control the revenue flow of vendors, their voice tends to carry farther than industry, competition or internals. I joined Rubrik because I believed in and had proven out the product, and I truly hoped I wouldn’t lose my impact by taking a paycheck.

Six months in, I think a few of my colleagues might secretly wish I was back on the “outside”, at a distance with my customer voice again :). We have a very open communication culture at Rubrik and I’ve had fun poking my fingers in a lot of pies, speaking into more areas of the product than I knew existed pre-January, and doing everything I can to fan the fire of excellence that first drew me in.

sw_logo198x67Every couple weeks I get an opportunity to put on my User Experience (UX) hat that I first wore as a SolarWinds customer, which is great. Everything makes sense to creators, but a second, third, and fourth set of eyes help reveal assumed mental leaps that result in customer frustration if not caught. This is a big indication to me of a quality company–humble invitations of customer (and staff) input to tell them what is and isn’t intuitive in a planned (or existing) design. It’s why I keep mentioning SolarWinds–Kellie Meachem and team model it to a ‘T’.

Personal Technology

The Community Matters To Your Career, Damian Karlson (@sixfootdad)

VMware Community:

  • VMTN forums
  • Twitter
  • Podcasts
  • Blogs
  • VMUGs
  • #vBeers
  • Conferences

Why should you care?

  • Helps you do your job better
  • Helps you find a better job
  • Helps you grow personally & professionally
  • Twitter, in particular, breaks down barriers

Community Benefits:

  • Wrote a book
  • Promotion
  • Spoke at a vendor conference
  • Career shift
  • Changed jobs
  • etc…


Closing the Cloud Skills Gap: Scott Lowe (@scott_lowe, blog.scottlowe.org)


  • 50% of business w/ cloud as high priority
  • Insufficient candidates to fill openings
  • Cloud brings new set of skills unneeded in past (Curtis Robinson, IDC)

NIST Definition of Cloud Computing

  • On-demand self-service <– if you are doing something to allocate service, you aren’t doing cloud
  • Resource pooling <– if no network virtualization, you aren’t doing cloud
  • Rapid elasticity <– scale up AND scale down, often harder on the latter
  • Measured service <– assess what’s being used
  • Broad network access <– ubiquitous, access anywhere

Top Five Job Skills Needed (ranked by importance, from IDC whitepaper)

  1. Risk management
  2. IT service management
  3. Project/program management
  4. Business-IT alignment
  5. Technical skills in cloud implementation <– note that this (tech) is last

Technology Virtualization

VMworld Summary:

  • Need to prioritize delivery of applications to the users
  • Break down the rigidity of infrastructure to become adaptable
  • Success comes through being thoughtful, decisive, and bold

Today’s Silos:

  • Traditional vs cloud
  • IT vs Dev
  • On-premise vs Off-premise
  • Safe/secure/compliant vs instant/elastic/self-service
  • Own assets vs leverage others’ assets (example: Uber)


  • SDDC
    • Virtualize everything you can
    • Compute: vSphere
    • Network: NSX
    • Storage: VSAN & vVol
    • Mgmt: vRealize
  • Hybrid-cloud
  • EUC

Technology Virtualization