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PowerCLIScripting and automation are ashamedly new territories for me. I’ve heard enough clarion calls to grow and develop personally and professionally, though, that I know I have to gain ground here. Hopefully this is the first step in building my knowledge base of┬ásuch tools.

In this entry, I need to solve for two configuration tasks.


First, I am concluding an evaluation of Splunk and need to reset my vSphere ESXi 5.5 hosts’ syslog global log hosts to only our existing syslog server. My inclination was to click through the vSphere Client and change it host by host, as it would have taken less time than it has to write the words in the post so far. However, as I am in search of a new syslog solution, possibly VMware LogInsight, I know I will need to do this again.

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"Because ninjas are too busy"

I first ran into Splunk at VMworld 2012 where I picked up one of my favorite swag t-shirts, but I never took more than the t-shirt for a spin. Then last week my SolarWinds Kiwi Syslog maintenance reminder popped up. Kiwi is cheap, but it’s also cheap, if you know what I mean. It’ll grab those logs all day long, but translating data into useful info or simply searching it quickly just isn’t its strong suit. So I took a moment to search for leading syslog solutions that are Windows friendly.

Splunk Enterprise was near the top of the search results, and a quick perusal showed that it might be worth the time to trial.

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