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Several months ago I walked through some of the issues we faced when XtremIO hit the floor and found it not to be exactly what the marketing collateral might present. While the product was very much a 1.0 (in spite of its Gen2 name), EMC Support gave a full-court-press response to the issues, and our account team delivered on additional product. Now it’s 100% production and we live/die by its field performance. So how’s it doing?

For an organized rundown, I’ll hit the high points of Justin Warren’s Storage Field Day 5 (SFD5) review and append a few of my own notes.

  • Scale-Out vs. Scale-Up: The Impact of Sharing
  • Compression: Needed & Coming
  • Snapshots & Replication
  • XtremIO > Alternatives? It Depends

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Synopis: My organization recently received and deployed one X-Brick of EMC’s initial GA release of the XtremIO Gen2 400GB storage array (raw 10TB flash; usable physical 7.47TB). Since this is a virgin product, virtually no community support or feedback exists, so this is a shout out for other org/user experience in the field.

Breakdown: We are a fully virtualized environment running on VMware ESXi 5.5 on modern Dell hardware and Cisco Nexus switches (converged to the host; fiber to the storage), and originally sourced on 3PAR storage. After initial deployment of the XtremIO array in early December (2013), we began our migration of VMs, beginning with lesser-priority, yet still production guests.

Within 24 hours, we encountered our first issues when one VM became unresponsive and upon a soft reboot (Windows 2012 guest), failed to boot–it hung at the Windows logo. Without going into too much detail, we hit an All Paths Down situation to the XtremIO array and later after rebooting the host, we still could not boot that initial guest. Only when we migrated (Storage vMotion) back to our 3PAR array could we successfully boot the VM.

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