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Through the years, I haveĀ been blessed and cursed by technology communities. Some foster cooperative atmospheres, pour in valuable content, and stoke ingenuity. Others are deserts and catacombs of enigmatic data with often similarly convoluted support structures.

I recently put together some feedback points for a burgeoning community and wanted to share it with the wider realm. Hopefully other organizations can read and improve their user groups and the domains they provide for collaboration.

Special thanks and credit to SolarWinds and their awesome investment in the Thwack community for many years. You’re one of the benchmarks for the thoughts below.


The Community Matters To Your Career, Damian Karlson (@sixfootdad)

VMware Community:

  • VMTN forums
  • Twitter
  • Podcasts
  • Blogs
  • VMUGs
  • #vBeers
  • Conferences

Why should you care?

  • Helps you do your job better
  • Helps you find a better job
  • Helps you grow personally & professionally
  • Twitter, in particular, breaks down barriers

Community Benefits:

  • Wrote a book
  • Promotion
  • Spoke at a vendor conference
  • Career shift
  • Changed jobs
  • etc…