Review: Spoken For (MercyMe)

Once again, MercyMe has defied the traditional definition of worship music, this time with Spoken For, a collection of songs aimed at the core of Christian life…

Bart, Nathan, Mike, Robby, and Jim of MercyMe created a masterpiece with their latest release, Spoken For. The songs on this album are more than just moral — the unfortunate de facto standard in Christian contemporary music.  Each track of Spoken For calls believers to excel in Christ, return to their First Love (Christ), and then go where He leads.

Track Review:

The Change Inside of Me
A brilliant description of the radically changed Christian life. Once we’ve experienced the salvation found in Jesus, how can we be silent? The change He brings to a saved life is revolutionary; if the change isn’t there, are you truly saved?

All The Above
Remember the day Jesus saved you. All The Above confronts Christians who have lost their joy, the evidence of Christ within, and spurs them on to recall the work of Christ. “Find what never left, the day heaven found you, the day the angels sang…”

Spoken For
This title cut succinctly speaks to God’s claim on our lives. This world has no part in us. We are wholly Christ’s and our home is with Him. How easily we become entangled in possessions, reputations, and each tomorrow…yet we must realize that we are not our own; we are Spoken For.

There’s A Reason
A call to celebrate “the sacred romance” of God with His creation. It sings the praises of our King and Lord with the freshness of 2003 and the sanctity of the 17th century.

Come One, Come All
Summoning the nations and the saints to embrace the grace and mercy of God, Come One, Come All is both evangelistic and rejuvenating. In this song, MercyMe calls the nations to salvation in Christ and the saints to worship “where all hope and peace and joy are found…”

There’s nothing crazy about this song. Inspiring us to find value and direction in Christ alone, Crazy embodies 1 Corinthians 1:21,25 and beautifully tells how choosing God over this world’s wisdom is the most logical choice conceivable.

Word Of God Speak
Silence is a lost art today, but this song calls us to just that. It’s time to be quiet and listen to what God is saying. He gave us 66 books to tell us about Himself and how we should live in response. Before we worry about our futures and the plans we should make, listen to God’s will for you now and let the Word of God speak.

Your Glory Goes On
And if for some reason you’re unable to find God’s will in His Word, MercyMe spells it out clearly: “Worshipping You is my destiny.” For His own glory, God created this world and us. And for His glory, He sent Jesus to die and rise again that we might see His love and forever praise Him. “Father, glorify Thy Name.” (John 12:28)

The Love Of God
MercyMe revives this wonderful hymn that so clearly speaks of God’s love. His love is indescribable and immense beyond our understanding, for how can one understand God crucifying His Son in order to reconcile a rebellious people? The love of God is indeed greater far…

This album is essentially one long crescendo, each track building upon another. If the love of God is so vast, then how can we stand by and not tell others about it? We have to go both next door and around the world to spread the good news of Christ.

All Because Of This
Finally, reminiscent of John in his gospel, MercyMe answers the question, “Why do we do the things we do?” Listen to find out. “But sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you…” (1 Peter 3:15)

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