Replicated Recovery With Rubrik

Rubrik makes instant recovery easy everywhere. As I wrote four months ago, it only takes a few clicks to bring a previous version of any protected VM into production. In 2.0, the great folks at Rubrik enhanced this capability with replication.

Replication is a word that means many things to many people and could quickly get abused in comparisons. In our previous data protection solution, replication of backups was limited to scheduled jobs and practically meant our off-site backups were anywhere from 3 hours (best case) to 48 hours (worst case) old, with no guarantees.

Rubrik takes a refreshingly different tactic. In its policy-based world, backups are driven by SLAs (gold, silver, bronze, etc), which are defined by frequency and retention of snapshots. Replication is married to these policies and is triggered upon the completion of VM backups.

For example, this morning one of our mission-critical SQL servers in our Gold Repl SLA domain started a backup job at 6:35am and completed that job one minute later at 6:36am. Gold Repl takes snapshots every 4 hours, keeps those hourlies for 3 days, and then keeps dailies for a month. As the “Repl” denotes, it also replicates and retains 3 days of those backups at another site. Oh, and as the cherry on top, it additionally archives the oldest backups to Amazon S3. Pretty comprehensive, eh?


Let’s get back to that mission-critical SQL server. Once its backup finished at 6:36am, the Rubrik target queued the replication pull which began five minutes later at 6:41am.


Looking at the Operational Tasks page, we can see that the replication job took 15 minutes to complete, reading in 2 GB of data, storing 656 MB (deduplicated), and utilizing 47 Mbps of the network.

21 minutes after the backup initiated, we have a production-ready snapshot ready to be mounted at the target:


As you can see, the Snapshots page has been updated in 2.0 from that of the 1.0 screenshot in July’s post. The simplicity of live mounting, though, is very much the same. Just click those three dots on the right, choose “Mount” and select an ESXi host.


Two minutes later, you’ll have a performant VM ready for service (once you update IP’s, of course). Read Instantly Recover With Rubrik for the full process story.

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