Launch 2011: A Tribute (Part 2)

I left off in Part 1 with the immensity of worship and truth that we received in the 50 hours known as Launch Retreat 2011 – Around The World. But that didn’t cover the other half of relationship building and fun that exploded from the times in between.

For the first time in my Launch experience, the theme truly lent itself to diversity among groups as more than 60 countries of the world were represented in various forms and fashions by the 680 young adults at Sky Ranch. In the sports competitions, the Vikings of Norway journeyed from station to station in handcrafted wooden ship, while the Armenians were heard far and wide with their spirited cheer. Some countries donned their flags, others jerseys, and still others tattoos and bandannas. And that was just the beginning.

The Around The World party Saturday evening featured music of all origins, an authentic English telephone booth, a miniature Eiffel Tower, and costumes of the most elaborate nature. Those that stood out the most to me (off the top of my head) are the full dress colonial British uniform including a hat that some argue looked Napoleonic (England), Mary Poppins (England), a sandwich board-styled Dreidel (Israel), a Soviet-era army uniform with full overcoat and other less-than-heat-friendly accouterments (Russia), and a very original knickers-vest-ribbon combination to represent the Czech Republic (you had to be there). Popcorn, snow-cones, fruit-kabobs, drinks, candy, dancing, and inflatables (including jousting) made sure that everyone had a fantastic time. Abundant thanks, love and appreciation go to Ally, Kelly, and their team for all that they did to create the best Launch party ever!

I could go on, but it wouldn’t do justice to the essence of Launch 2011. To give you a better picture, all I can say is this: Come to Launch 2012 — it’s only 361 days away! And word from the Mayans is that it’ll be the last Launch ever ;).

Special, overflowing, grossly insufficient thanks, gratitude, love, cherishing, and blessing to the Watermark Young Adults team for all that they poured of themselves, their lives, their families, their resources, and the gifts that God has given them into each and every one of us at Launch 2011. You’ve already outlived your lives–we are your legacy.

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