“He Will Carry Me”

A life application of Mark Schultz’ song, He Will Carry Me.

“Even though I’m walking through the valley of the shadow / I will hold tight to the hand of Him whose love will comfort me / And when all hope is gone and I am wounded in the battle / He is all the strength that I will ever need / He will carry me…” ~Mark Schultz, He Will Carry Me from Stories & Songs

This song is my heart’s cry. It captures the militant tone that I want to permeate my life in regards to the war against the flesh and it calls from the depths for the only One who is able to deliver when the battle is raging. I emptied my lungs singing this song the Sunday before my surgery last November (2004) as I was honestly scared (and rightfully so as the saga unfolded) and I knew that only God was in control.

Sin wounds us. It pains the Spirit within us. And it breaks our communion with the Father. Yet as fallen humanity, we cannot escape sin until we die or Christ returns. In this we must fight, because as Paul says in Romans 6, “What shall we say then? Are we to continue in sin that grace might increase? May it never be! How shall we who died to sin still live in it?” Answer: 6:7, “he who has died is freed from sin.” We must make it our daily mission to kill and annihilate the flesh and surrender as slaves to the will and glory of God.

As believers we will suffer other wounds as well, ones that Mark Schultz is more likely speaking about. These are the afflictions for living Godly and representing Christ. Matthew 5:10-12 speaks of this. The key to remember here is suffering unjustly, for false accusations, not for crimes and sins actually committed (those should die with the flesh). 2 Timothy 3:12 tells us that all of us who desire to live Godly will be persecuted. The question that aptly captures this thought is, “if you were put on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?” Black and white are on opposite ends of the spectrum; so with the world and true, dedicated believers.

When the conflict intensifies, remember that God is for you and He will give you the strength to follow His will until He provides support and/or deliverance or takes you home. O what a homecoming it will be! Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

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