Favor and Isaiah 61

Reading Isaiah 61 this morning, I am refreshed by the already-but-not-yet nature of the poetry. In the Gospels, Jesus quoted verse 1 and the first part of verse 2 and declared that they had been fulfilled. The favorable year of the Lord had begun! But what about the rest of verse 2? And the other verses?

Those we–you and I–get to hope for with confidence and smile toward with anticipation. Freedom and emancipation will come! The cry of this year’s Passion Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, will be fulfilled. God’s justice will wait no longer when the day of Isaiah 61:2b and following arrives. Yes, Lord!

I particularly love Isaiah’s concluding metaphor as he likens it to the preparation of a bridegroom and bride. My day is only 66 sunrises from now and I’m giddy! Simply put, I can’t wait! How much more for the wedding of the Lamb and the reception to follow?!? Righteousness, joy, and gladness will rain down–oh, what a day!

Thank You, Father, for Your promises, especially those intricately wrapped up in a single passage. You’ve delivered on part of it already, which shows us Your guarantee to complete the rest. How we love You, Father!

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