Embracing Prayer

Before I unwrap this nugget of thought, I need you do something that will make it a little more real. Ready?

First, find (or imagine) your most comfortable chair. You know, the big, plush, comfy one that you sink into like a marshmallow? (If you’re already in it, you’ll need to get up ;) Now, act like you’re about to sit in it, but hold yourself an inch above or just barely in contact with the cushion. From experience, you know that it will be oh so delightful and that you’ll find rest in it, but right now, it’s just a thought, a memory. Keep holding. Is it as wonderful as you know it could be?

Alright, let go and fall into the wonderful embrace of good, chair-y bliss. How does it compare to that hovering position you were in a few moments ago?

That overstuffed chair is what prayer has been to me lately. I know it exists and there’s goodness in it–God promises over and over again–but I’ve rarely let go, fallen into it and trusted it to hold me up and embrace me. It’s the difference between praying with faith and without faith.

On Sunday at Watermark, we walked into the unfinished worship center and onto the concrete slab that will soon be a stage. There we knelt down and used permanent markers to write the names of people in our lives who we are committing to pray for and Lord-willing will one day bring into this place in Christ. I know unsaved people in my life. I work with them. But I’ve never been intentional with falling on the Lord for His mercy and grace to save them. That changed on the stage.

And as if the Lord wanted to encourage me in the fact that He does answer prayers, He gave me an example. Later that night, a believing coworker texted an urgent prayer request. An F5 tornado leveled a 6-mile stretch of Joplin, Missouri, and ground zero was his aunt’s neighborhood. So I joined him in praying. 20 hours later, his cousins found her, and this was his new text:

Praise God it’s a miracle! She is alive! They found her! Every professional said “no way u should be alive” thx for the prayers! Amazing!

So now I’m asking the same for my coworkers and especially my boss. Something far worse than an F5 tornado threatens their lives, and the resulting destruction lasts forever. Father, save them. Open their eyes to see. Soften their hearts to Your grace. We are helpless and condemned, but You give life. Let us fall into Your embrace, with abandon, pleading for eternal rescue of immortal souls.

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