Another Year

Thank You, Lord, for this day, another completed year of learning, growing, loving, and being. One year ago, I was not yet a father, not yet a homeowner, not yet back at Watermark, and not nearly where I am today with Sue, Ana, and our family. It has not been easy, and I have far too often despaired, but God has been faithful. He protected me from less than His best, even when I thought it was everything I needed. He has continued to show us what is important in life. He hasn’t let us go.

I pray that by this entry next year we will be in deep community with couples who love the Lord and live it out with us. That is my greatest ask for the year ahead. Beyond that, I pray that we would grow in contentment materially, that we would decrease in ministry apathy & increase in love of people, and that we would die to self & live to Christ more in each day’s moments.

–excerpt from journal entry, Sept 22, 2014

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