Action Reaction

How many times have we as children or adults adorned the silent treatment in order to communicate to someone that they have offended or hurt us?  How many of those times did the action bring the satisfaction desired or instead end up causing us more harm?  I know that I have been guilty of such choices and that many times I only ruined the day further because the person was already repentant or the deed sufficiently past. That is the cost of actions which we control and reactions, which we think we control, but are rather quite out of our hands…

One might think, “I know what I am doing, and I know what will happen as a result of my next decision.”  Yet we are finite and our knowledge and power limited.  Do we know all of the circumstances leading up to each moment?  Are we sovereign over others’ histories and past experiences from which they derive their reactions to events and people?  Of course not.  Even so we live as if we do.

Until Christ returns, this life will go on.  No event, regardless of how catastrophic it may seem to us at the moment, will alter tomorrow’s arrival and life’s continued procession.  Through each of life’s sagas, we must remember this and engrave in our minds that only God is sovereign, only He knows men’s hearts, and only He has the power to change them.  We live, we love, and we do all of the things of which Ecclesiastes 3 speaks, yet each in its proper place is the result of God’s orchestration.  Otherwise, the dire elements of war, hate, repulsion, and pain will be used Godlessly for the attempted contentment of the flesh.  Each is an instrument that God implements in and through us for His glory, but our parts in them must be carefully accepted.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  Physics teaches us this about energy and matter.  Lives and emotions transcend energy and matter.  Neither comply with logic consistently and rarely do they remain contented with an equal reaction.  We must be careful with what words we speak and with what things we do, knowing that though our action remains under our purviews, the consequences may differ vastly from what we expect.  This is but one cause for putting on the mind of Christ — His choices will always work out for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)

“…but we have the mind of Christ.”
Philippians 2:16b

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