A Biblical Strategy For Fighting Sexual Sin

At Resolved 2009, Rick Holland, college pastor at Grace Community in Sun Valley, CA, presented a message from Proverbs 5 on developing a Biblical strategy for fighting sexual sin. I would encourage anyone to listen or watch the message at http://www.resolved.org/media/. If you are a woman, simply replace the gender in the notes that follow as Rick also says in the message itself. Solomon (and God) is speaking to all of us.

Resolved 2009: A Biblical Strategy For Fighting Sexual Sin
Rick Holland: Proverbs 5

6 Biblical Strategies That Will Ensure Sexual Purity

1. Undertake the pursuit of Biblical instruction (about sexual purity), v. 1-2

  • you would be wise to put yourself under your parents’ instruction
  • undertake…to have discretion and wisdom
  • undertake…so you will have words to say to your soul (when temptation comes)

2. Undress the deception of sexual sin, v. 3-6

  • “adulteress”: anyone or anything that would encourage us toward any kind of sexual experience outside of marriage
  • all Biblical references to “flirting” are in the context of a harlot–there is no safe or cute flirting outside of marriage
  • the adulteress is lethal (“two-edged sword” — design to kill)
  • she/it doesn’t ponder the path of life or the cause/effect it will have on your life

3. Understand the value of safe distance, v. 7-8

  • Joseph principle: run! get away! keep distance away from temptation
  • not “how far can we go physically?” but rather “how holy can we stay?”
  • is the glory of God on your mind when you are talking to an attractive girl?
  • running from sexual sin is brutally painful because you are crucifying the flesh

4. Unmask the regret of sin’s aftermath, v. 9-14

  • v. 9 lose dignity and respect, v.10 lose resources (i.e. to pregnancy), v. 12-13 remorse, v. 14 public disgrace
  • ask, “is it worth it?”
  • the consequences are inevitable and unavoidable
  • play out the tape/scenario if you fell into sexual immorality–effects on spouse, kids, ministry, etc.

5. Unlock the satisfaction of marital intimacy/fidelity, v. 15-19, Song of Solomon 4:15

  • cf. to and summary of another series by Rick Holland:
    “Be Godly – Find Someone Godly – Get Married – Make Disciples”
  • be exhilarated with her love
  • be satisfied with your spouse and your spouse alone
  • the best antidote for sexual frustration is a healthy relationship with your wife
  • Psalm 84:11 — no good thing does God withhold from those who walk upright

6. Unleash the power of God’s omniscience, v. 20-23

  • purity is a response to the living God, not just behavior modification
  • “in the moment of sin, every man is a practical atheist” — A.W. Tozer
  • Hebrews 4:13 — nothing is hidden from God
  • God sees it all, thoughts and actions


  • seek pastoral care and counsel
  • find accountability and help, but know that no one (except for God) will ever hold you fully accountable
  • think about where you want to be at the end of life
  • what you are doing now matters — the choices your make now matter

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